Tram Network


Detailed design and construction support for trackside services for a trail of a new tram network in a major UK city.

Tenet developed the concept design, from an overseas consultant, into a design acceptable to British standards and managed assembly of the distribution and UPS panels to provide trackside services and local control for the new tramstops.

Services Provided

  • Taking an overseas concept design and bringing into compliance with British standards and best practices
  • Substantiation of the existing design concept
  • Complex protection and selectivity scheme requiring full selectivity on a TT network
  • Development of UPS system to ensure local tram controls operate in power fluctuations
  • Construction details of the UPS and distribution panels
  • Panel Specifications and Vendor Liaison


Required by the client on a ‘Fast Track’ basis, Tenet mobilised, undertook design (including design meeting), prepared specifications and drawings, approached appropriate vendors, compiled a cost estimate, supported assembly and had delivered to site in 8 weeks

Technically, there were a number of novel challenges:

  • Original design was for a three phase system, a three phase UPS would not physically fit in the space envelope
  • Original concept to overseas practices, incongruent to those adopted in the UK
  • Isolated earth to avoid step voltages on tram network
  • Liaison with vendors to ensure components were readily available from stock with no lead times
  • Going from concept to site delivery in 8 weeks

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  • Tenet responded to demanding timescales to provide actual built distribution panels for a novel scope of works and delivered solutions to resolve resilience and capacity issues
  • By engaging personnel from outside of the nuclear sector, Tenet provided resource with a diverse skills portfolio to meet the presented challenges. Tenet successfully compiled a detailed understanding of the client’s requirements against the operational constraints
  • Comprehensive operational understanding presented Tenet with an opportunity to form innovative solutions to modify the existing proposals into buildable solutions
  • By engaging with Tenet, the client was provided with a design which utilised standard ‘Commercial Off The Shelf’ systems and components which could be deployed in a modular format across all the proposed tram stops

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