Tenet was engaged, via Atkins, to provide the detail design works associated with a client’s Security Enhancement Programme. These works sought to increase security arrangements around certain specific areas of the site and provide added resilience to services interruption. The work needed to be undertaken without impacting on the routine site operations.

Tenet were actively involved in these works from July 2014 to October 2015 and the contract value to Tenet was of the order of £180,000.

Services Provided

This was a complex multiparty project with the lead contractor Carillion. Tenet was specifically charged with providing detail design documentation with respect to:

  • Electrical distribution system;
  • Alarm handling;
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) design and vendor management (supply by Emerson Chloride);
  • Package switchroom and UPS enclosure detail design (supply through Carillion);
  • Interpretation and compilation of information with respect to the installation of cameras (supply and outline design by Chubb Security);
  • Fence line lighting design including lux calculations, scheme design and contactor panel design and specification, (supply by Abacus Lighting);
  • Gate house building services design (installation by BBESL);
  • Interpretation and compilation of information with respect to the installation of Passive Intruder Detectors (PIDs) (supply and outline design by Chubb Security).

The works necessitated extensive liaison between all parties and site representatives, which was accomplished through:

  • Site surveys;
  • Multiparty progress meetings / design reviews at Tenet’s Birchwood premises and at other off-site locations in Westlakes;
  • Technical meetings with suppliers;
  • Implementation of an audible Technical Query (TQ) procedure

A number of the works required complex negotiation with client representatives. For example, data break-in locations; the gate house annunciators required detailed consideration in order to ensure uninterrupted system operation at existing gatehouses.


In its delivery of Engineering design work, Tenet was able to draw on and exploit a direct fibre optic link from our Birchwood office to the client network. This secure link is used for work undertaken solely on behalf of the client. We also utilised the client secure portal as required in order to securely transfer data between these remote sites.

Tenet’s Birchwood premises additionally contain a secure certified LAN which has been independently approved and accredited by Sellafield Limited Security Department. This permits Tenet to work on electronic Protectively Marked Information up to and including ‘Official - Sensitive’ (formerly RESTRICTED).

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Tenet’s project team adopted a collaborative approach with Atkins to ensure a shared detailed understanding of the client’s requirements, area limitations and other relevant client restraints and considerations.

These requirements were embraced by Tenet, whom integrated third party vendor specific documentation, to compile a consistent and coherent detail design package for dissemination to the installation contractor and equipment suppliers.

The benefit to the client of this approach is to ensure engagement of relevant “subject matter experts” across a number of specialist areas. By working collaboratively and solving problems collectively the overall programme duration was reduced. A more traditional / sequential approach, where each team delivers their scope with any assumptions, exclusions and caveat, etc., would likely have left the main client acting as the system integrator to resolve inconsistencies between the various work packages.

By engaging Tenet, the client was provided with a compliant design package that overcame practical, technical and ergonomic environmental constraints. Moreover, Tenet provided a solution with the approval, and input, from all relevant stakeholders and in accordance with all applicable standards and procedures. This was all executed with security cleared personnel and where appropriate, through secure networks.

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