Tenet history condensed into bite sized chunks.



Jan 04

Tenet Founded

In 2005 Mike Thirsk founded Tenet as a private development company undertaking property renovations

Jan 10

Tenet Acquisition

By 2006 Tenet acquired the Engineering Consultancy division of DATS and Tenet Consultants was formed

Jan 06

Office Move

Achieving ISO 9001 accreditation in 2007 and enjoying successful growth supplying major nuclear clients, Tenet moved to larger office space in Thompson House on the Birchwood park. Clients by this time included Amec, BNFL, Magnox and Mott McDonald.

Jan 04

Supporting New Clients

Tenet’s client focus, right first time mantra and attention to quality saw the business continue to increase market share and support additional clients such as, Urenco UK, Atkins, NDA, Yokogawa and Springfields Fuels Ltd.

Jan 21

Further Growth

Again increasing office capacity on B401 Faraday St, Tenet continued to grow organically, Engaging only high quality staff to ensure Tenets reputation in the industry was maintained and to support Blue Chip tenders such as the Sellafield Design Services Alliance.

Jan 21

Company Restructure

Now with clients such as Costain, NESL, Cavendish and Nuvia the company was restructured and a larger management team engaged to maintain growth and assure our clients expectations. Tenet increased again its office accommodation to support market  growth and its strategic nuclear client base.

Jan 21

BAFE Accreditation

Following a restructure in 2016 and reflecting on the changing market, Tenet invested heavily in niche skills to focus on specialist services that our clients struggled to engage. By 2018 Tenet had become one of the first consultancies to achieve BAFE accreditation for the design of fire services.

Jan 21

A New Vision

2019 saw the creation of a new vision and strategy for growth which would continue to provide high quality design engineering and consultancy services to our existing clients. Take our transferable skills to other highly regulated industries, enhance our Mechanical and Project Management capacity and provide a diverse work diet for our staff and associates.

Sep 01

The First Step

The success of our 2019 strategy has led to the remarkable growth of both our mechanical and project management teams. With an expanded client base underscoring our commitment to excellence, our engineering resources have doubled, enabling the adept handling of complex multi discipline projects.. This achievement now forms the bedrock for our continued advancement, as we harness the strengths of these bolstered teams to confidently tackle future challenges and opportunities. The momentum gained from this success positions us for even greater accomplishments on the horizon.

Sep 01

The Next Steps

As we embark on our 2025 strategy, two central pillars come to the forefront: the cultivation of new client connections and a strategic emphasis on collaborating with subcontracting entities. This approach signifies our dedication to expansion and innovation. Our proactive pursuit of new clients aims to unlock opportunities in untapped markets, establishing enduring partnerships along the way. In tandem, our strategic engagement with subcontracting organizations showcases a nuanced understanding of the symbiotic potential within our industry. By harnessing their specialized expertise, we elevate not only our project capabilities but also foster a robust network of mutual growth.